Understand the Next Case Flow

Next Case Button

11/29/2021 11:03 AM

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What is the Next Case Button?

The Next Case button helps Agents answer the question "What should I work on next?". When you're viewing a Case and you Resolve it, set it to Waiting, or reassign the Case to another Team or User, you will now see a button at the top of your screen that says Next Case. Clicking this button will take you to the next Case that needs your attention. This prevents Agents from having to go back to the My Work screen to determine what Case they need to handle next. 

What Prioritization is Used to Display the Next Case?

The logic used to present the Next Case that needs your attention is completed in the order below: 

  1. Unclaimed Chats that are assigned to a Team you are on
  2. The top Case in your Ready to Solve group from My Work (i.e. Status = Ready)
  3. The top Case in your Unassigned list (i.e. Unassigned Cases assigned to a Team you are on)
  4. If there is no Case that needs your attention, the Next Case button will route you back to the My Work screen
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