Understand the Cases Activity in the Boomtown Platform

10/23/2021 5:16 AM

What is a Case?

Cases are tickets in the Boomtown Platform. These can be concerns, questions, work orders, installations, or training/activations that Customers. These can be created by Customers reaching out via your support channels you have integrated into Boomtown (email, chat, SMS, phone, etc.) or created manually by your agents in the Platform. 

The purpose of this article is to give a Boomtown Platform User a general overview of the Case section. To get to the Cases activity, navigate to the left side menu (or drop-down menu in the top left corner of the screen) and select the Cases option.

Overview of the Cases Activity 

When you navigate to the Cases activity, you'll be taken to the screen below. The Cases activity is broken into three sections, the top section allows you to filter your Case List by different criteria and perform a local search on Cases, the left panel shows the list of Cases based on your filters or search, and the right panel shows you the Insights and Team Chat. 


Case Views, Actions, and Filters


The View picklist allows you to quickly toggle the Case List based on saved filters that you or your organization have created. 


Search Cases

The Search Cases search bar allows you to perform a search on just the Case List. This local search will only search the Cases in the View you're currently in. This allows you to do a more targeted search than using the Global Search which will search all Cases and objects in the Platform. 


Case List Layout

To the right of the Case Search is the Case List Layouts toggles. By default, Cases will display as Cards. If you prefer to view the list of Cases in a Table layout, select the Table Layout option (right icon). If you want to toggle back to the Card view, select the Card Layout option (right icon).


Case Filters

To toggle in the Filters panel, click the farthest right icon. This will open the Filters panel on the right and collapse the Insights and Team Chat pane. a17123db1703284e86d38bb580a05792.png

The Filters panel allows you to apply filters to filter the Case List and create new Case Views that will show in the Views picklist. To collapse the Filters panel, click the X in the top right of the Filters panel or select the Filters icon again. 

Case List

The Case List shows the Cases that relate to the View/Filters/Search you complete the options above. Each Case Card or Table Row will display basic information about the Case including: Customer Name, Case Name, Status, Source, Owner Team, Owner User, Reference ID, etc.). This provides your agents a quick glance at the type of Case this is and the Customer associated to the Case. To view more information about a specific Case, click on the Case Card or Case Table row to open that Case Manager.



The Insights panel displays high-level statistics for the Case View you have selected. This includes sections around Open Cases, Solved Cases, and Cases by Team in the View you have selected. 


The Insights panel only filters to the View you have selected in the View picklist and will not change based on custom filters you apply that aren't in a Saved Case View.  

Team Chat

To navigate to the Team Chat panel, select the Team Chat header to toggle from the Insights panel to the Team Chat panel. 

c6c848ca5cc0bb39b5c6e2ca5039bb34.pngThe Team Chat panel allows you to chat with internal and ecosystem teams without leaving the Platform.

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